The fight (6/7)

By Drum Digital
21 August 2015

The single mother was not afraid of taking on the tsotsi. Who would win?

He rushed towards Miranda like a mad bull. She moved sideways and kicked at his groin. Her right foot connected with the tsotsi’s private parts. He doubled over with intense pain written on his face. Then the angry mother kicked him on the temple. As his body moved backwards, she moved forward and landed three quick punches: on the stomach, chin and jaw.

The crowd cheered.

Bra Tiger struggled to regain his balance, and Miranda followed him. She jumped up and kicked him on the chest. His body hit the ground like a bag of mealie meal.

The crowd applauded.

He lay on his back, and the woman pounced on him. She hit him on the stomach with a powerful, straight jab. He recoiled and vomited.

The crowd screamed.

The tsotsi stood up. From his back pocket, he took out a knife and came forward with the blade held in front of him. “He is going to kill her, somebody call the police,” shouted the woman in the Shangaan dress.

Mirandastood motionless. With the knife in his right hand, the tsotsi swung, aiming for her neck. Half a second before steel met flesh, the woman ducked.

To be continued...

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