The fight (7/7)

By Drum Digital
21 August 2015

The single mother was not afraid of taking on the tsotsi. Who would win?

With her right foot, she hooked both the tsotsi’s legs and swept him off the ground. For a brief moment, his body hung in the air, then he hit the ground. A ball of dust rose into the air.

The crowd clapped hysterically.

The woman tipped him over and pinned him face-down with her knee. Then she twisted his right arm like a damp cloth. The knife slipped out of his hand and he squealed like a pig. Blood oozed out of his mouth and nostrils. The fight was over.

The crowd jumped up and down with excitment.

“This thug has been terrorising us for years. Let’s finish him,” a man shouted. The crowd moved in and started beating the tsotsi, who was lying on the ground, bleeding. He begged for forgiveness as punches, kicks and sticks landed all over his body. But he escaped with his life when the police arrived and the crowd dispersed.

That was the last day Bra Tiger was ever seen in Skoomplaas Township, and peace was restored in the streets of the old, dusty kasi. Miranda recovered her sons’ tablets and went home to continue washing the dishes as if nothing has happened. That evening she told her boys, “Every bully is just a sissy at heart.”

The End

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