The Final Performance (2/4)

By Drum Digital
15 October 2014

Gloria’s friends thought they were better than her – but she was going to show them just how wrong they were.

“I see you got rid of that two-timing swine of yours,” she said. I was shocked, to say the least. I had never known Beauty to vent such anger on any man, let alone Lucky. “How did you find out?” I asked her as we

dragged the box inside and deposited it on her sitting room floor. “Everybody knows everybody’s business around here, girl. And you did well to get rid of him. A man who cheats on his wife deserves everything rotten that life can throw at him.” “How long was he cheating on me?” I asked her. Beauty looked hard at me and obviously

decided honesty was the best policy here. “He’s been at it since you moved in here,”

she said. “I’m sorry, Gloria.” I knew she meant it from the bottom of her heart. “Did he ever come on to you?” I asked as I had never seen Beauty with a man. She seemed quite happy and content on her own. “Oh yes,” she said with a sudden grin. “Do you remember that time he came swaggering home with a big bump on his head?” “Yes. He said he ran into a lamppost or the lamppost ran into him. He tried to convince me that it was nothing.” “That was no lamppost, girl!” Beauty hurried into her kitchen and came out with a frying pan.

“When I left the village my Gogo gave me this. She said it might come in handy one day.” “Wow, Beauty.” My eyes widened as I tried to imagine the petite Beauty waving the heavy frying pan in front of Lucky.

“At first he thought it was a game. He even had the audacity to say that I was playing hard to get.” “Thank you for being so honest with me,” I said, suddenly overcome by laughter. Beauty laughed too, and soon we were both laughing so hard that tears rolled down our faces. “I told you, laughter is good for the soul,” Beauty said, and for some reason I found this incredibly funny.

So I laughed even more. “Thanks, Beauty,” I said hugging her when I’d finally pulled myself together. “You’ve made me feel much better about everything. It’s time to let go of the bad memories and

move on.” “Go for it, girl,” Beauty said with a smile. For the first time in months I felt the fog in my mind clearing. I didn’t have to worry about Lucky and what time he would be coming home. Don’t get me wrong, I’d given 100 per cent to my marriage and tried my best to get my husband to stop drinking so much. But Lucky had come up with one excuse after the other as to why he had to spend hours at the shebeen.

He had to network, it’s true. He met most of his clients there but the downside was that he could never remember who was who the following day. He drank steadily and made no allowances for it. “You just nag, nag, nag. No wonder I drink,” he’d said to me one day.

To be continued...

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