The fugitive (1/7)

By Drum Digital
22 June 2015

Simushi had no way to prove his innocence.

Everyone in Mopani Village knew better than to cross Ntate Ikosa. And that’s why they admired Simushi’s guts. He was determined to marry Ntate Ikosa’s only daughter, Sindi, against the old man’s wishes. Ntate Ikosa’s plans for Sindi didn’t include her marrying a cattle herder. Ntate Ikosa always had money problems and his daughter was his last resort. He wanted her to marry a young man from a rich family, for his own reasons. What he didn’t know was that he couldn’t control Sindi’s heart or feelings.

Sindi fell in love with Simushi and they planned their wedding. Ntate Ikosa pretended to be happy for her. But then, he went behind her back and confronted Simushi. He warned him to stay away from Sindi, but the young man was in love and was not to be swayed. He was going to marry Sindi – and the old man didn’t scare him at all.

Ntate Ikosa was frustrated; he didn’t like it when he was not in control of a situation. He didn’t know what to do with his soon-to- be son-in-law.

To be continued...

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