The fugitive (2/7)

By Drum Digital
23 June 2015

Simushi had no way to prove his innocence.

“What are we going to do about our little problem?” asked Ntate Ikosa’s cousin and right-hand man, Ntate Gwengo. “I wish I could just get rid of him, but that would raise too many questions,” he told Ntate Gwengo. As he was speaking, a brilliant idea came to him. “Wait a minute! There is a way. I could send him to jail by framing him for a crime.” When Gwengo heard that, he gave a nasty laugh.

One morning, a week before the wedding, Simushi was awakened by loud shouting. He peeped out and saw a group of people approaching his house. He decided to take no chances and quickly hid in the bush. A man with a deep voice shouted, “This is the police. Open the door!” When there was no reply, they forced open the door and the crowd went in. They searched everywhere, but there was no sign of Simushi. They left the house determined to carry on with the search.

It turned out that Simushi was accused of stock theft – a serious crime for which the Government had introduced harsh penalties.

To be continued...

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