The fugitive (3/7)

By Drum Digital
24 June 2015

Simushi had no way to prove his innocence.

It was alleged that two cows had been found slaughtered in the forest, and the men who discovered them had found a bloodied axe and knife belonging to Simushi. They also picked up his necklace, which was unique.

Poor Simushi couldn’t believe his bad luck. He was accused of a crime, which he had never committed. His greatest worry was what he would have to tell his beloved Sindi and his employer, Ntate Simataa, whose cattle had been stolen. He knew that he’d have to explain that he was innocent, but he couldn’t risk being caught. He waited for a while, and when it was clear, he fled the village. He became a fugitive on the run from the law.

He walked through the forest until he came across a big sign nailed to a tree, which read: “Welcome to Mango Village”. Simushi thought he might be accepted there, and would be able to make a new home in Mango Village. He was welcomed by the headman, Ntate Mazila, and told him a string of lies.

“My name is Bontle, and I’m from Ngoma Village.

To be continued...

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