The fugitive (6/7)

By Drum Digital
26 June 2015

Simushi had no way to prove his innocence.

Ntate Mazila asked him. “What else can I do, Ntate? If I go back, they’ll arrest me.” “Listen here, young man. In my life, I’ve seen enough to know what is evil and what isn’t. I believe you’re innocent. But you should prove your innocence. “It’s not right to walk around with a bad reputation. How do you think the people of Mango Village will feel when they hear that you’re wanted by the law? They won’t be as understanding as me.

You will be chased away. What then?” “But, Ntate, how can I prove my innocence?” “If your father-in-law is really the one behind this, he’s going to confess to my cellphone! It can record people talking. I will lend it to you, so confront your father-in-law and make him confess.”

The next day Simushi left for Mopani Village, and found Ntate Ikosa working on the farm alone. “What do you want? Go away before I scream for help.” Ntate Ikosa was terrified to see Simushi. “You’re not going to scream. Did you think that you were going to get rid of me that easily?” Simushi said.

To be continued...

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