The funeral (5/7)

By Drum Digital
17 July 2015

In Lerato’s grieving head, bitter thoughts were seething. She told herself, “It’s incredible how Sandile managed to marry those two witches and live this long. That little Doris is the worst of them. Someone needs to compensate me, not her! I gave Sandile too much of my life to be sidelined like this. “His family has given me nothing but heartache – from the day we met at university till the night our premature child died, and to this day when they’re burying him. These people have refused to accept me as their daughter.“Lord, this family doesn’t know me. But they will watch Channel O today, ba tlo hlompha batho – they will respect people!”

Then, as her eyes began to fill with tears, the outcast turned and walked out of the graveyard. She had seen what she had come to see.

The burial went well, but when the night had fallen and all the mourners had taken their leave, there was tension in the big house Sandile had built. Lamplight cast pacing shadows on walls, and angry, accusing voices were raised. Mkhulu Bheka said, “Sandile’s second wife, Doris, has done the unthinkable and stolen the ihlahla that carried Sandile from the city.

To be continued...

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