The funeral (6/7)

By Drum Digital
17 July 2015

The family must retrieve it. This is an abomination, the kind of thing that happens with witchcraft. “A son of the soil was laid to rest today, but he won’t even reach the land of the ancestors because he was buried without ihlahla.” The angry grandfather growled, “This must be Sandile – or the ancestors – giving us a sign that Sandile’s killer is a member of the family. This witch Doris means to wipe out the entire family by using the ihlahla to control the ancestors. She’ll withhold their ability to act against this evil and protect our family from attacks.

“Doris must be sent to the Chief tomorrow because it’s clear that she’s not going to rest till she has killed us all. If she’s innocent, let her tell the Chief and the diviner – and if she’s indeed innocent, we will pay the fine for defamation of character to her and her people. And we will not forget to cleanse her and the household.”

Gogo Thembi hissed, “That girl has got away with much too much. You can’t stop a bird flying over you – but you can prevent it from laying eggs on your head! She won’t get away this time.”

Doris was in her room, and she could hear everything through the wall.

To be continued...

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