The gentleman (4/5)

By Drum Digital
26 March 2015

Angie was facing a big decision.

“Have you lost your mind?” she hissed at him. “What gives you the right to interfere in my life? I go where I decide and not you.” “Sit down, Angs,” he said. “Don’t you ever call me by that name.”

She was surprised by the depth of emotion in her voice. Once, a long time ago, before Molly had even come onto the scene, she’d been Angs to him. She noticed he was using her Christian name now, but of course the school was closed for the day so he was in no danger of being overheard by anybody.

“Sit down, please,” he said as she walked across the floor towards his desk. “Actually there are a few things I want to talk to you about, Angie,” he said carefully. “Yes, okay,” she said nodding at him. She wasn’t going to let him know how nervous she was.

He gazed at her for a long moment. Then he said, “I had a telephone call from a Mr Dube today from Durban.” She nodded again, wondering what Mr Dube wanted now. She’d already accepted the job. Surely he wasn’t doing another background check on her?

“I told him you’re not going to take up the post in January.”

“You did what!” Angie didn’t realise she’d jumped up out of her chair and was now hanging over his desk. She had a sudden urge to sweep the contents of his desk onto the floor.

To be continued...

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