The Gift 1/5

By Drum Digital
14 April 2014

Star, the gifted twin

Star and Silence were identical twins, but only one of them had a gift

I’m going to be killed in an hour. What happened? This happened: my twin sister, Star, was born with a gift for smelling danger. At the age of 10 she was secretly helping our detective uncle and for five years there were no crimes in our area – the police were always ahead of the criminals.

Unlike my sister, I have a normal sense of smell. Perfume gives me pleasure, but I would walk into danger without sensing anything. How come twins don’t have the same gift even though they look alike? I don’t know my gift. I was once told I did indeed have a gift but would only be able to figure it out once I had tapped deeply into my mind.

That’s what I’m trying to figure out in the present dangerous moment, but I was given some drug and it’s preventing my mind from thinking ahead. I can only recall. So let the recalling begin. We had an accident when we were five and both our parents drowned. But Star and I didn’t even touch the water, even though we were in the back seat with our seatbelts on. They said it was a miracle.

“Silence, you’re the only one with the answer for why you didn’t make it to heaven with your parents that night,” Aunt Mona once joked. I tried to ask her about it but then she changed the subject and every time I tried to bring it up she always realised it was coming and asked me instead how school had been that day. Maybe that was her gift, to read people’s minds.

Star was the elder by a few minutes but I was always the one with ideas. I was like the firstborn and we were very close. If she got flu, I’d try to get it too so that we could stay at home together the whole day. When she cut herself, I used to cut myself too – I liked to feel the pain she was experiencing. Don’t judge me, okay? We’re twins! When we were nine, we went to the opening of a new mall in town and I could tell she was not herself that day. I copied her by putting on an act of not being myself. Star was quiet and had stopped her usual chatter. I wondered why, because it was such an exciting day. The new mall was packed with happy people exploring the shops and cafés and the street outside was also jampacked and busy.

A party of very important people were approaching the new mall, including the president and some members of his cabinet. As Star and I sat in an upstairs café with Aunt Mona, looking down into the street, we could see traffic cops clearing the street and putting up crowd barriers. The mall manager was waiting for the motorcade to arrive, with a red carpet rolled out at the main entrance.

As Star gazed down into the street, she suddenly gasped and whispered, “They’re going to kill the president!”

Of course Silence the copycat couldn’t be outdone. I pretended to gasp too, and said, “And the prime minister as well!”

To be continued……

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