The Gift 2/4

By Drum Digital
15 April 2014

Would the twins be able to save the president?

Without another word Star got up and started running. I followed her, but she was so fast that when I found her she was already talking to the police. Aunt Mona came trotting up behind me.

“Why should we believe a nine-year-old?”

One of the security men asked and they all started laughing. Then Star froze the smiles on their faces as she blurted out, “Because the president is in the third car and the shooters are on the roof of the building opposite the mall!”

The officer made a call to the president’s driver and his eyes widened in fear as he realised the president really was in the third car. The motorcade was diverted and a special force team nabbed the assassins on the roof. Aunt Mona urged the police to keep it a secret for the sake of Star’s safety.

I heard her whisper, “Star, that’s your gift, use it to save lives!”

THEN things changed. Sometimes Star couldn’t sleep because some crimes were planned to take place at night and she was the only one who could stop them. I lost my sister. I couldn’t even begin to understand how she could sniff out impending disasters.

“It’s okay, Silence. I’m still me – the only change is that I’m saving the world!”

That’s what my superhero sister said one day. She had just been on the phone to the sergeant, telling him to go to the park to save someone.

I nodded, and began to cry. She began to weep too, and when I asked her why, she started to laugh. Star said, “You’re crying – I have to cry too!”

And we laughed so loudly and long that our aunt came through and joined in the merriment.

To be continued.....

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