The Gift 3/4

By Drum Digital
16 April 2014

Will the arsonist find Silence and Star?

NOW Aunt Mona’s been dead for two days and I have 45 minutes to live. If I can’t figure out my gift, I’ll soon be in heaven with mom, dad and Aunt Mona. I know the traitor is a police officer; I’d seen him before in this building. Maybe he got tired of his low salary and sitting in the office all day, not solving any cases because the crime rate had fallen thanks to Star. He was supposed to be thankful!

This drug is making me dizzy. I must fight the woozy feeling and try to think straight. Someone drugged Star the day Aunt Mona died. I couldn’t figure it out then, but now I can. I had found myself a job on the till at a fast food outlet. Star came in with her boyfriend Vuyo and sat in the corner by the window. They ordered smoothies – and I now understand why the waitress smiled when Star thirstily emptied her glass. I had thought she was simply admiring the cute couple. But she must have been an accomplice of the crooked cop. I can also recall that after they finished their drink, Star grabbed her forehead. She would have fallen if Vuyo hadn’t caught her. I thought she was pretending, just playing the fool. But obviously the substance in the smoothie had made her so dizzy that she didn’t have a vision of our house in flames. Aunt Mona died of smoke inhalation and we survived. Star said she remembered waking me up and the next second we were outside trying to get air into Aunt Mona’s lungs. But we couldn’t save her. Star said, “Let’s hide in the tree house.

They don’t know that we got out alive. Whoever set this house on fire wanted us dead!” I woke up feeling grumpy, to find Vuyo in our tree house with a shopping bag full of food for us. Star had called him on her cellphone, which she had saved from the blaze.

He looked at me and said, “Hey, not such a grumpy face, please! You’re the one who can’t get through the day without a full belly, so save that face for next month!” I mustered up a sheepish grin and bit into a cheese roll as he said, “Everybody thinks you two are dead and buried under the ruins of the house. They’re coming to dig through the debris this afternoon. Your aunt’s funeral is on Saturday. Gotta go – bye!”

He climbed down and started his motorbike. And it was then that I thought: what if the killers had seen Vuyo and followed him to the burned house? If so, they were probably waiting for him to leave before they grabbed us. Star had no visions as she was still under the influence of the drug.

“Vuyo, wait!” I yelled climbing down.

To be continued……

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