The Gift 4/5

By Drum Digital
17 April 2014

Is this be the end for Silence?

But he had his helmet on and didn't hear. Then he was gone, and that’s when I walked into danger without feeling a thing. I saw a black car with some guys outside it looking in my direction. I started running, but they easily caught me. I recognised the police traitor’s face and started to scream, but then I felt a needle slide into my arm and I woke up here in the dark. I’m good with time. I don’t have a watch but I know I’ve got 15 minutes to live. My recalling hasn't helped at all. I see a dim light from what looks like a window. I’m guessing it’s the reflection of the moon. I can’t even see my fingers, even though my brain is 100 % sure that I’m waving them in front of my eyes. I stand up and lean against the wall.

The effects of the drug seem to be wearing off because now I can think again. I’m feeling my way around the wall trying to find a door. I stop in one corner, asking myself what I will do if I find the door. My mind tells me to cross the room. I’m doing it now and find a sofa long enough for my legs and so comfy that I yawn. I have 10 minutes left to live when I remember that my lighter is in the back pocket of my skinny jeans. I click it and see some papers, so I set them on fire. Now I can see almost everything in the room, including a smoke detector in the ceiling. I count down: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… and I can hear running steps. The sound is extending my life. I crouch down next to the door, which bursts open. It’s the traitor cop! He’s stamping on the burning papers, then he turns to me with a panga in his right hand. He raises the weapon above his head and begins to swing it towards my neck. I know this is it, my time has run out, and I think of a million things in the next half second.

To be continued ……

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