The Gift 5/5

By Drum Digital
18 April 2014

Will Silence find out what her special gift is before she dies?

Thoughts of my mom, dad, Aunt Mona and my beloved twin Star come rushing through my head.

The blade flashes in the dying light from the burning papers. And then I’m gone!

I OPEN my eyes slowly and see Star beside me, crying and smiling at the same time. Through her tears, she sobs,

“That was stupid of you, trying to sacrifice your life for me! I got us into this mess and I must get us out. I had a vision and came here. They think you’re me, so why don’t we change clothes and let them take me instead?” I giggle. I’ve been so caught up in what Star’s been saying that I failed to notice that the traitor cop with the panga is somewhere else. I’m standing out in a street with Star, under strong moonlight! There’s a sudden feeling of calm that tells me I’m not going to die. But how did I get out of the room?

Then there’s the sound of boots stamping along the street and Star quietly calls out, “Yes, this is the place!” The special police unit warms over the dark house in front of us. We wince as we hear shots from inside, then hug each other.

And at last I have found my gift! I used it before without knowing in a flooded car and a burning house. So that’s my special gift – the ability to transport myself and my sister to a safe place when our lives are in danger

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