The government's 5-year checklist

By Drum Digital
18 June 2014

  • The introduction of a national minimum wage to reduce income inequality.
  •  Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa will convene  social partners dialogue in addressing wage inequality.
  •  The Presidential Working Group will meet soon to discuss how business and government can collaborate to improve investment and promote inclusive growth.
  •  The energy sector will be radically transformed: sustainable energy like coal, solar, wind, hydro, gas and nuclear energy will be rehashed. A sub-committee in cabinet will work on this.
  • The implementation of the National Infrastructure Plan will continue. Clear, measurable targets were set for this and R847 billion will be spent.
  • Special Economic Zones around the country will promote regional economic development.
  • Government look into improving implementation if  Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Act and the Employment Equity Act to transform the ownership, management and control of the economy.
  • Postbank will be supported so it can lead in the expansion of banking services to the poor and those in the working class.
  • Measures to speed up the employment of young people will be taken which will incorporate the Youth Employment Accord and expand internships in the public sector.
  • Six million work opportunities will be created through the Expanded Public Works Programme by 2019 and one million through the Community Work Programme as well as one million jobs in agriculture by 2030.
  • Government will settle remaining land claims submitted by the cut-off date of 1998 and re-open the period for land claims for another five years.
  • Regional integration will be promoted through SADC and the envisaged Tripartite Free Trade Area that spans eastern and southern Africa.
  • Government will work harder to increase life expectancy and implement the National Health Insurance.
  • Public servants and public representatives will be prevented from doing business with the state.
  • Each minister will sign a performance agreement with the president to ensure accountability  for each department, what they plan to deliver and their plan in doing so.


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