The harsh truth 1/3

By Drum Digital
28 December 2013

Lebo thought that all men were liars – and she’d had enough.

They all lie!'' Lebo declared, pumping her legs harder on the treadmill, ??I mean what the hell is it with men?''

??Not all men lie,'' replied Thuli, thinking of her own husband, Lumi.

??All men lie,'' Lebo countered insensitively, ??and I'm sick of it. Why can't I find a guy who's normal, one that tells the whole truth all the time?''

??You don't want the whole truth about yourself or about life all the time. Lebo, the truth can be too harsh sometimes.''

Lebo turned up the pace on the treadmill, ??I can take the truth Thuli and I'm not a wimpy female. I'm a strong, independent woman who built herself up from a shack in a squatter camp to a double-story house in Sandton. The only thing I don't have is a decent guy.''

??Steve was decent,'' said Thuli.

??Steve was a liar,'' Lebo shot back.

??Just because he lied about one thing doesn't mean he lied about everything ? and it was such a small lie.''

??He told me he was at work when he was really hanging with his friends. And let me tell you something, little sister ? lies are like weeds, they start off small and unthreatening but before you know it they've taken over your entire garden! No, I was right to get rid of Steve when I did. From now on I'm only going to associate myself with men who are 100 per cent honest.''

With that Lebo turned the speed up some more and ran harder. Thuli watched her older sister with a sense of sadness.

Lebo could be the most difficult person to deal with. She could be loud, vain and too forceful with her opinions ? not to mention prone to exaggeration.

The shack she referred to so often had in fact been a modest brick building with running water and electricity. Too many times Thuli had been tempted to call her sister out on her lies.

So many times since Lebo had broken it off with Steve, had she been tempted to tell her sister the truth about her overbearing, controlling nature.

That had been the real reason for Steve's dishonesty about his whereabouts.

Oblivious to her own faults, Lebo ignored all of Steve's calls and pleas to give their relationship another chance. Instead she focused all her energy on finding Mr Honesty. She went on countless dates with Joburg's most eligible bachelors and subjected each one to an interrogation. Most of the men didn't meet her standards. The ones who did, never called back after being put off by her rude questions.

??Joburg is nothing but a hopeless city for pathetic men,'' Lebo declared a few days later over coffee.

??Maybe you would get better results if you didn't treat every date as if it were an interrogation,'' Thuli suggested.

??Thuli,'' said Lebo, as if she were speaking to an incredibly slow child, ??of course I have to interrogate them if I'm ever going to find the guy who meets my standards!''

??Have you spoken to Steve?'' Thuli asked carefully.

??I don't speak to liars,'' Lebo declared arrogantly.

And so the dates continued.

As the weeks passed Lebo grew more and more despondent about ever finding an honest man. Until one day she went on a date with Thabo Mduli.

The date was perfect. Thabo was smart and opinionated and most of all, he was honest. He didn't hesitate to complain to the waiter about everything he didn't find to his satisfaction.

Most importantly, he didn't sugar-coat his answers to her questions, even the ones she didn't like.

??Why is someone as attractive as you single?'' she asked.

??It's because I'm honest,'' he replied simply. ??I tell the truth, and women don't like that.''

??I like that,'' Lebo replied.

??Then we're going to get along fantastically,'' he said. And he was so right.

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