The harsh truth 2/3

By Drum Digital
29 December 2013

Lebo is sick of liars but has to face the harsh truth.

Over the next few weeks Lebo and Thabo's relationship grew stronger.

At last she was satisfied and secure in a relationship with someone she knew she could trust to be 100 per cent honest with her.

Lebo couldn't stop raving about her new man at every opportunity. Finally Thuli had heard enough to want to meet him and so she invited them to dinner at her home.

Thuli was renowned for her cooking skills among family and friends. And that day she put an extra effort into the meal because she wanted to make Thabo feel welcome in their family. She had secretly hoped that Lebo and Steve would get together again. But she now realised that if Thabo made Lebo as happy as she claimed, then Steve truly was out of the picture.

Thuli was impressed by Thabo when she opened the door. He was as good-looking as Lebo had said. But the second he opened his mouth everything went downhill. First he commented on their house. ??It's too bright,'' he said distastefully. ??All these bright nursery colours!''

Thuli was speechless. She glanced at Lumi who was just as stunned. She sent him a pleading glance. Because Lumi knew how desperately Thuli wanted to make the evening work he controlled his temper. Thuli ushered them into the dining room hoping the delicious meal would smooth out their rough beginning.

But Thabo seemed determined to hear his own voice because he gave a running commentary on every forkful of food he shoveled into his vicious mouth.

??The rice is too hard and yet it's soggy at the same time,'' he began. ??And this meat, it's a good thing I can see it! Because if I couldn't, I wouldn't know what the hell I was eating.

You've cooked the taste and texture right out of it.''

Thuli's gaze flew to Lebo and she saw her sister was as embarrassed as she was. Finally when the meal was over she gathered the plates and carried them to the kitchen with Lebo close behind her.

??What the hell do you see in him?'' she demanded furiously.

??He's honest,'' Lebo replied, but her voice lacked conviction.

??Honest!' Thuli exclaimed, slamming plates into the sink.

??He only tells me the truth because I ask for it?''

??Did you hear me asking him for the truth?'' Thuli demanded. ??And let me tell you something ? my rice was not hard. And my house doesn't look like a kids' nursery. How dare he!'' she fumed.

??Okay! That comment was uncalled for and I'll talk to him about it.''

??Don't bother Lebo because that man is not welcome inmy house ever again. And I'll tell you something big sister, if you're as smart as you claim to be you'll get rid of that rude, insulting pig.''

But Lebo didn't get rid of Thabo because her pride wouldn't allow her to admit she had been wrong about him.

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