The harsh truth 3/3

By Drum Digital
30 December 2013

Lebo thought that all men were liars – but she learns all about the harsh truth.

When the sisters met up later in the week for their weekly gym session Thuli was taken aback. Her sister was pushing herself harder than usual. ??Lebo are you trying to kill yourself?'' she asked.

??I'm trying to lose a little weight. Thabo says I'm getting fat.

?'What? How can he say that to you when he's at least 10 kilos overweight himself?''

?'He's honest,'' Lebo said, repeating the phrase like a mantra.

Thuli reached over and turned the machine off, forcing her sister to look at her. ??Lebo,'' she said sternly, ??there's a fine line between honesty and verbal abuse. If you're not careful, this guy is going to strip you of all your confidence until you're running around in circles.''

Lebo knew her sister was right but even now she was unwilling to relinquish her pride and admit she had been horribly wrong. And so she continued to accept criticism on all aspects of her life. Often she found herself thinking about Steve; warm, sweet, sensitive

Steve who would never tell her ??the truth'' unless it was absolutely necessary, even when she knew she'd become too controlling in their relationship.

Often she thought about going back to him and begging him for a second chance. But every time she picked up the phone pride made her put it back down again. As the criticism continued to roll in at an increasing pace the emotion inside her built up. One day she

couldn't take it any more.

They were at a restaurant and Thabo leaned across the table and studied her face with a distasteful grimace.

??You're not wearing enough make-up,'' he said.

Lebo felt something inside her snap. She reached for her glass and threw wine in his face.

Thabo picked up a napkin and wiped himself off. He didn't look at all surprised. ??I thought you wanted the truth? I thought you liked it?'' he taunted.

??I do like the truth and that's why I'm going to tell you the truth ? right now! You have very bad breath especially in the morning. You're boring in bed, you dress like an undertaker and you're going bald!''

Lebo saw the look of utter dismay on his face and smiled triumphantly. She got up and ran outside into the rain. Without thinking she headed for Steve's house. She knew it was risky to assume he would still want to see her after the way she had behaved. Even if he did, maybe he was in a relationship.

When he opened his door she didn't give him a chance to speak. ??Steve, I know I've been horrible and I know you probably hate me but I realise now you're the man for me and I love you so much and . . .''

He cut her off with a kiss.

There were still things to say and things to be discussed but for now he just wanted to hold her. He knew his friends would  think he was crazy for taking her back but he loved her and that's all that really mattered.

??I look a mess,'' she said self-consciously.

??You look great,'' he replied.

He pulled her inside and back into his life. Of course the truth was that she looked terrible.

Her clothes stuck to her, her hair was wet and wild and her make-up was running down her face. But he didn't tell her that. Because he had a feeling

Lebo had had enough of that kind of truth to last her a lifetime.


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