The heartless angel 1/4

By Drum Digital
24 November 2013

Anita started preparing

Dumo stood in the pouring rain, trying to figure out what he’d done to deserve such pain. He could remember the beautiful, sunny day when he met Zintle. He could even remember the dress she was wearing and her smile that seemed brighter than the sun. How could such an angel be so heartless?

The moment Dumo laid eyes on Zintle he knew she was the woman with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life.

They were at the supermarket. She was looking for the perfect dressing for the salad she’d bought. Dumo stopped next to her and said, “may I help you with anything, ma’am?”

She replied, “I’m looking for a salad dressing. Do you work here?”

“No, but I know a thing or two about food. I think this one would be perfect.”

Dumo picked up a salad dressing he knew was the best choice for any salad. “Trust

me, its divine,” he told her. She gave him a quizzical look, asking, “And how do you know?” He replied with a shrug, “I’m a chef and it would give me the greatest pleasure to cook for you tomorrow.”

Zintle took the salad dressing off the shelf and put it in her shopping basket.

She looked at Dumo and gave him her number. Then she smiled and walked

When Dumo saw Zintle the following day he couldn’t help but stare.

She looked more amazing than the day before as she walked into his kitchen with a big grin. She said, “I’ve never had a man cook a meal especially for me. It smells absolutely delicious. Can I taste?” She looked at him with such big round eyes that he couldn’t say no.

“Sure, you can have a taste but don’t you dare spoil your appetite. There’s a lot of food we have to get through tonight.”

They both smiled. They talked, ate, laughed and enjoyed each other’s company for hours. Their first date was perfect. Two weeks later Dumo wanted to introduce Zintle to his family but he didn’t know how to ask her. He decided to take her to his favourite restaurant and ask her there. After dessert he stared at her until she asked, “Love, what’s wrong? Is there something in my teeth?”

He smiled and said, “No, my darling, there’s nothing in your teeth. I’m just admiring your beauty. I still haven’t got used to it. Zintle, you take my breath away every time. Next thing I won’t be able to breathe!”

Zintle smiled.

“Seriously I won’t be able to breathe soon and that means I might not be able to introduce you properly to my family this weekend,” he continued. “I want you to meet them.”

Dumo saw Zintle’s eyes dart around. She looked at her watch, the wall, the glass of wine in front of her; she didn’t want to look Dumo in the eye. “Zintle, I know it’s soon but I love you. I’ve told everyone about . . .” Dumo said.

Zintle looked pale. “What do you mean ‘everyone’? Dumo, it’s too soon. I love you too, but . . . You and I are perfect the way we are. Let’s wait a little longer. Please...”

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