The House On The Hill 4/5

By Drum Digital
12 February 2014

What could be Gabisa's plan?

Gabisa raised her head and spoke, “Nice flowers.” The young man looked across at her and smiled.

“Sizani loves flowers. I hope the smell of them helps her wake up.”

Gabisa watched him put the flowers into a plastic vase. “Where did you buy them?” The young man looked embarrassed. “I didn’t actually buy them.” He sat down in the chair beside Gabisa’s bed. “Since the accident I don’t have a car, so I have to walk through the township to get here. I take a shortcut round the hilland there’s a beautiful old house there with a garden.

It doesn’t look as if anyone has lived there for some time, so I hoped nobody would mind if I picked a few flowers.”

Gabisa and the young man chatted for the rest of the visiting hour.

His name was Philani, he told her, and after a long struggle to find a job, he’d just found a good one with an insurance company.

But the job required him to have his own car and now, without one, it didn’t look like he’d be employed much longer.

Philani looked down at his hands. “I just don’t know what to do. With the babies coming I was hoping to find a better place for us to live. Sizani deserves so much better than a one-room shack.”

“Don’t you have family who can help?”

He shook his head, sadly. “No. And Sizani doesn’t either. That is why we’re so happy about the babies. We’ll have a family at last.”

That night Gabisa didn’t sleep. She felt so ashamed. All these months she’d spent feeling sorry for herself, while here was a couple with problems much bigger than her own.

It was easy to see that Philani was an honest, hardworking young man who loved his wife and wanted the best for his coming children.

He reminded her of Nathi.

She thought about Nathi and what he would have wanted. She thought about his car, parked in the garage beside the house and gathering dust.

Finally, she thought about the house on the hill and smiled in the darkness. Gabisa had a plan.

-by Gail Dore

To be continued...

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