The House On The Hill 5/5

By Drum Digital
14 February 2014

THE scent of the flowers seemed to have worked. In the morning, Sizani woke up. She was confused at firstbut the nurses explained where she was and that her husband and babies were fine. She’d be going home in a few days, they told her.

At breakfast time Sizani smiled at Gabisa over a cup of tea.

“It looks like the food here is good.”

Gabisa looked down, surprised to find that she’d eaten everything on her tray and was already thinking about lunch. She nodded.

“Food tastes better when you’re feeling better.”

That evening when Philani arrived with two bunches of flowers, one for Sizani and one for her, Gabisa put her plan into action.

She told them about her house on the hill.

Philani’s eyes widened in surprise.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t know I was picking your flowers.”

Gabisa laughed and waved away his apology.

Then she invited them to come and live with her. There was no point, she told them, in losing a good job because of a car, not when Nathi’s car just needed a cleaning – and probably a new battery. If Philani didn’t mind taking her to the shops once or twice a month she would be happy to let him use it. Philani and Sizani both had tears in their eyes. “Oh, Mama. You are so kind to us.” Sizani blinked hard. “I have only one good arm at the moment, but I have two strong legs. I will take care of you.” Gabisa smiled. “I have one good leg and two strong arms. We will take care of each other.” And so it was. Gabisa’s loneliness endedand the house on the hill was once again filled with laughter and happiness.

-by Gail Dore

The end.

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