The jolly month of June 2/4

By Drum Digital
23 October 2013

Tshegofatso loved the way Anneline called her Tshegs: it sounded cool and young and classy. Back in Extension 14, no one had ever called her Tshegs

Tshegofatso loved the way Anneline called her Tshegs: it sounded cool and young and classy. Back in Extension 14, no one had ever called her Tshegs. And Jonas mostly called her ??my dear'', as though he couldn't quite remember her name.

??So, Tshegs, how's your old man doing? I see the doc is visiting again.''

Tshegofatso explained that her husband was very ill. He'd been in bed for days now, struggling to run his businesses by phone even though Dr Badlangana had ordered him to have total rest.

??Never mind, girlfriend,'' Anneline said. ??It'll be over soon. June is just around the corner, right? In the meantime, what shall we do today? Fancy an Indian head massage? Or a pedicure? Or shall we hit the mall? Come on, life is for the living!''

From the very first moment Tshegofatso had met Anneline, they'd become good friends. They shared so much. Anneline was also in her twenties; also married to a much older man. Old Mr Merrow-Smith was even older than Jonas. And even richer. And even more boring! He just sat around the house all day, phoning to keep check on his stocks and investments. But Mr Merrow-Smith had rescued Anneline from a life of poverty too ? from a two-room flat in a horrible neighbourhood where she lived with her mother and her mother's drug addict boyfriend and three smelly dogs.

And Anneline really knew how to enjoy the good life! It was Anneline who'd introduced Tshegofatso to all the best boutiques and beauty spas. And to Oscar, of course.

Wonderful, wonderful Oscar. ??No point having a rich husband if you don't enjoy all that money,'' Anneline always said. She had a leather wallet full of credit cards.

But Jonas wasn't too happy with Tshegofatso's best friend. ??My dear,'' he'd once said, ??you shouldn't mix with someone like Anneline. She's just a gold-digger. She just married poor old Merrow-Smith for his money. If only he could see what goes on in that empty blonde head of hers. I don't know how he can be so blind. Really, my dear, I wish you wouldn't spend so much time with her. She'll be a bad influence on you.''

Tshegofatso had become very upset.

??Jonas, this isn't fair! You're busy all the time working. All day, all evening. I need some company too, you know. And Anneline is such fun. I don't know what I'd do without her. Please don't say horrid things about her.''

It was Anneline who'd taken Tshegofatso to meet Oscar one rainy Joburg afternoon when they were both bored. And Anneline had suddenly said, ??I know, Tshegs! Let's go to Oscar's studio. He's something else! He'll blow your mind!''

??Who's Oscar?'' Tshegofatso had asked.

And Anneline had replied, ??Let's keep it a surprise! You just wait! Meeting Oscar will be the best thing that ever happens to you.''

Anneline was right. Oscar did turn out to be the best thing ever. It was Oscar who'd told her about June and she was looking forward to it being the most amazing, exciting month of her whole life.

To be continued...

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