The jolly month of June 3/4

By Drum Digital
24 October 2013

Oscar was the strangest-looking man,round and chubby and bald, just like a very big, newborn baby. And his studio was the strangest place, dark and shadowy and with candles flickering everywhere. There were no chairs. They all sat on the floor on soft cushions.

??Would you like to know your future, Mrs Mompe?'' Oscar had asked in a high-pitched voice. He sounded like a young girl. ??Well, we'll see what your future holds. We'll see what your stars have decided.''

Oscar unrolled a huge chart full of lines and circles and strange symbols in front of him. With a short stick he tapped at various points on the chart and muttered strange things like ??Saturn-Venus binary'' and ??ascendant axis'' and ??Virgo in the fourth house'' and ??Gemini mid-heaven''and ??Aquarius aligned.''

Tshegofatso felt somewhat dizzy from all the smoke. But Anneline patted her arm. ??He's the best, Tshegs. The best astrologer in the whole of Gauteng!'' Anneline whispered. ??He told me I would marry rich. And see how right he was?''

Oscar was rolling up his chart now, nodding and making the candle light shine onto his bald head. When he spoke again, he sounded very, very serious. ??Mrs Mompe, the stars tell me your husband will be taken from you by June. Yes, that's what's written in your stars. Your husband will be taken from you by June. That I can promise. I'm so sorry to be the bearer of such bad news. June's not far away.''

On the drive back home from Oscar's studio, Tshegofatso sat silently, still in shock. Anneline, though, couldn't stop talking. ??You're so lucky, Tshegs. No more boring old husband, just all that lovely money and stuff! And that huge house!

Oh, I'm so jealous. I wish my husband would be taken by June too. Or even July or August would be fine. Just one thing, girlfriend, check Jonas' will. Make sure you're the sole beneficiary. Make sure you're the only heir. No point in losing your husband if you don't inherit all the goodies!''

When Tshegofatso arrived home, she was still in shock. But by that evening she'd managed to look at Jonas' will. Yes, if he died, everything would be passed on to her. And now, now June was just a few days away. Anneline was still standing at the fence, still suggesting things they could do. ??How about a movie, Tshegs. There's that new one with Brad Pitt. And you know how I fancy Brad Pitt . . .''

But Tshegofatso shook her head. ??No, I must stay here. I must wait to hear what Dr Badlangana says.'' Tshegofatso knew Dr Badlangana didn't like her. He thought she was a gold-digger; that she'd only married Jonas for his money. He always looked at her in the same stern way her aunt had done ? as if she was about to do something bad.

So she needed to show Dr Badlangana what a good wife she was, how worried she was about Jonas, how she hoped he'd get better soon.

- To be continued...

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