The jolly month of June 4/4

By Drum Digital
25 October 2013

Anneline tossed her long blonde hair. ??Well, I'm off on my own then, girlfriend. You're no fun today,'' she said through the fence.

She jumped into her bright pink sports car and drove off down her paved driveway.

Tshegofatso walked slowly towards the mansion, towards the big oak door and the spiral staircase. Dr Badlangana was

waiting for her. He looked very, very serious.

??Mrs Mompe,'' he said. Tshegofatso could hear her aunt's voice. The lights reflected off his glasses so Tshegofatso

couldn't see his eyes. ??We need to have a serious talk, Mrs Mompe. I've promised your husband that I'll speak to you

about a very difficult matter. Come, let's sit in the sunroom.''

Tshegofatso did her best to look worried about her husband. She even managed to force tears into her eyes. She

was sure she knew what Dr Badlangana was going to say.

He was going to tell her Jonas was very ill; that he'd die soon.

Together they sank into the luxurious sunroom chairs. Dr Badlangana cleared his throat. ??This is very difficult, Mrs

Mompe. I want you to promise you won't get upset.''

??I promise,'' Tshegofatso whispered. She thought she was acting really well. Maybe, once Jonas was dead, she'd

use some of his money to go to acting classes. Maybe she could become a great actress. Why not? Anything was possible once she was a merry widow.

??Mrs Mompe, your husband is ill because he's so stressed. And he's stressed because he's in love with someone else. He wants to divorce you. He has already contacted his lawyers. In fact, he'd like you to pack up and move out of his house. Today. I think that would be best. I'm sure you understand.

Tshegofatso couldn't believe what she was hearing. Jonas in love with someone else! How could that be? He was

supposed to be dying in June and leaving her all his money. Not throwing her out! Not divorcing her! What was she supposed to do now? Go back to that awful house in Extension 14 with her aunt and her five cousins?

??Who?'' she screamed. The tears in her eyes were very real now. ??Who's my Jonas in love with?''

Dr Badlangana didn't look at all sympathetic. In fact he smiled.

??Oh, it's his new secretary, June. Yes, Miss June Modise. I'm afraid you have to face it, Mrs Mompe. Your husband has

been taken away from you by June.'' S


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