The lady behind the line

By Drum Digital
08 November 2013

Famed for her sign-off line, Noxolo Grootboom has a true passion for delivering quality news to the people of Mzansi.

“NDINI thanda nonke emakhaya.” These now famous words spoken each night by a popular SABC TV newsreader went on to define an era.

So when we meet the woman behind the words, we’re curious as to whether there’s an interesting story behind what must be one of local TV’s most famous tag lines.

We ask Noxolo Grootboom (53) to say the line for us and she does so with good humour.

“Okay, I’ll go the whole hog and give you the full version,” she laughs, “Bhotani emakhaya . . . Ndini thanda nonke emakhaya.” (I love you all).

“That line is my name now. People call me ‘Ndini thanda nonke emakhaya’.

Some folks have come up to me and asked me to tweak it a bit.

The guys in prisons also complained, saying I’d been excluding them.

So they were like ‘Can you, for once, say ‘Ndini thanda nonke etrongweni’ (I love you all, including those in prison).”

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