The Last Airbender 3D

By Drum Digital
01 September 2010

Rating 2/5

Sci-fi. With Dev Patel, Noah Ringer and Nicola Peltz. Director: M. Night Shyamalan. 13Mv. opens 10 September.

What’s it about?

Based on an animated TV series, it’s the story of Aang, a clever little Avatar who has to save Earth from fiery fire-eaters. The only problem is, this Avatar is still a child. Will he be up to the task?

Who will enjoy it?

Definitely not sci-fi fans, because this flick’s special effects were clearly slapped on and then given a 3D spit-and-polish, hoping it would pull in the crowds. The acting has never been a strong point of M. Night Shyamalan’s films, and in this case almost the entire cast are too lightweight for the powerful characters they’re supposed to portray.

The film has a flung-together look. And come on, Shyamalan – you can’t expect us to believe a little pipsqueak such as Aang is capable of tackling and getting the better of vicious fire-eaters. This director’s films are becoming less and less convincing with each outing.

Wait for the DVD?

Yes. It’s not worth paying extra for a ticket just because it’s in 3D; it’ll look just as good at home on your plasma screen. But you may have to munch popcorn just to stay awake, and die-hard sci-fi junkies will see right through the special effects.

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Popcorn fact 

Dev Patel took over the role of the evil fireeater when Jesse McCartney was not available.

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