The makeover (Part 1/4)

By Drum Digital
30 September 2014

Georgina wanted to be beautiful - no matter what.

Senzo stood at the bedroom door. “Georgina, my angel,” he said. “You don’t have to do this! I don’t think it’s a good idea at all! Come on; tell them you aren’t interested anymore.” His voice was filled with love and concern. But Georgina looked at her boyfriend from where she sat at her dressing table and she shook her head.

They had been together five years, but he still didn’t understand. “I want to do this, Senzo! It’s like a dream come true!” “But think of the pain, Georgina,” argued Senzo. “You understand it’s going to hurt, right?

A lot! All that surgery. And for what?” Georgina turned now to look at herself in the dressing table mirror. For what? Was he blind or something? Ugly! She was just plain ugly! Didn’t he realise that? Her eyes popped out, her nose was too big, her chin was hardly there at all. She looked like a frog! A fat ugly frog.

And as for her teeth – they were a nightmare. Crooked and with spaces between them. Georgina never smiled if she could help it. She didn’t want anyone seeing her teeth. Then there were her too-small breasts and her too-fat stomach and heavy thighs. “What for!” she exploded.

“I’ll tell you what for! All my life I have been ugly. Always the ugliest girl in my class, the ugliest girl at every party. The boys always stood around laughing at me. None of them ever asked me to dance.Well, except for you,” she said. “I want to be beautiful, Senzo. And now at last I have the chance.” It was true.

Georgina had won a television competition and had been offered an Extreme Makeover – for free. All she had to do was allow the TV channel to film the whole process, to follow her through the various surgeries and interview her at various stages of the process.

But still Senzo argued. “To me, you are beautiful already, Georgina. I don’t want you to change. I love you just the way you are.” “Well, I don’t love me just the way I am. So, end of discussion!” said Georgina firmly. It had to be the end of the discussion.TheTV crew was banging on the front door, ready to begin the show.  “All set for your Extreme Makeover, Georgina darling?” asked Lebo, the producer. Jacques, the cameraman, waved and Tshidi, the soundman, winked at her.

Outside, a huge white limousine awaited her. Georgina smiled into Jacques’s camera lens, showing her crooked teeth. She spoke into Tshidi’s mic. “All set, Lebo! I can’t wait to get started.This is the best day of my life!Today my whole new world begins!” Jacques zoomed in for a close-up as Georgina kissed Senzo goodbye.

He took her face gently in his hands. He looked deep into her eyes and said, “Just promise me, my angel. Just promise you will stay as sweet as you are. Stay as kindhearted as you are now. Don’t let them change you inside.” “Of course not,” said Georgina firmly. “What a silly idea.”Then she pulled away from her boyfriend and went running towards the limousine. “Missing you already,” called Senzo.

“See you at my Big Reveal,” Georgina called back. “Only eight weeks to wait.” It was one of the rules of her contract: her boyfriend was not allowed to see her or contact her for the entire eight weeks of the makeover.

But when Georgina woke up after her first surgery, a vase of fresh red roses, sent by Senzo, stood on her bedside cabinet.There was a card, too. It simply read: “Stay as sweet as you are.”

The nurse had to read the card to Georgina because Georgina couldn’t see.

To be continued...

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