The makeover (Part 2/4)

By Drum Digital
01 October 2014

Georgina wanted to be beautiful - no matter what.

The nurse held the vase out to Georgina so she could smell the roses. But Georgina couldn’t smell very much either. That was because her face was mostly bandaged up from top to bottom.

The plastic surgeon had worked on her for several hours. And the pain! It felt as though a thousand rats were biting at her skin. Georgina had never known such terrible pain. The nurse gave her extra painkillers. “It will pass, dear,” she said. “No pain, no gain, darling,” said Lebo from where she stood beside Jacques and Tshidi.

In time the pain lessened and the bandages were removed. Georgina gazed at her new face in the mirror. But all she could see were bruises and swelling. “I look worse than before,” she wailed.

“I want Senzo. I want him here right now.” Lebo was unsympathetic. “You signed the contract, darling. No boyfriends allowed! Not until your Big Reveal! You know the score.” The swelling went down at last. The bruising disappeared. And one day Georgina looked into the mirror and saw the most amazing sight: she was beautiful!

Her nose was small and petite, her eyes no longer popped out. The chin implant had given her face a whole new shape. For sure, she was no longer a frog! No! She was quite stunning. “Oh wow!” Georgina breathed into Tshidi’s mic. “This is more than I ever hoped for.” She let Jacques take videos from every angle. How she longed to phone Senzo and tell him the good news.

Even a text would be enough. But of course Nandi, the PR agent, had confiscated her BlackBerry. “Terms and conditions,” Nandi had said. “You must understand the situation, Georgina.

On the day of your Big Reveal, Jacques will have his camera zoomed in on your boyfriend’s face. Our viewers will want to see him blown away by the new you. He needs to be genuinely surprised and overjoyed at how beautiful you have become. So you aren’t allowed to let him know anything before the time. He mustn’t have any idea. Otherwise how can be properly blown away?”

She agreed and waited for the next round of surgery to start: the breast augmentation, the tummy tuck, the liposuction. Georgina, along with Jacques’ camera, watched as the surgeon drew strange squiggles and circles all over her body. Again Georgina was trundled into an operating theatre filled with doctors and nurses dressed in strange green gowns and with their faces hidden behind masks.

This time, when she finally came round, the pain was even more intense.Georgina felt as though giant piranhas were ripping out chunks of her flesh. “It will pass, dear,” said the nurse as she gave Georgina an injection for the pain. And Lebo was at her bedside, saying, “It’s all for a good cause, darling.When your boyfriend sees the New You, he’s going to fall in love all over again!”

This time, Senzo had sent her a vase of freesias.Their sweet smell drifted across her bed while Georgina wept. How she longed to feel his arms around her! He always knew how to comfort her, how to make her feel better when she was upset.This was the longest time that the two of them had ever been apart in their five years together.

Was he missing her as much as she was missing him?

To be continued...

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