The makeover (Part 3/4)

By Drum Digital
02 October 2014

Georgina wanted to be beautiful - no matter what.

He was surely staying faithful, wasn’t he? But what if he got too lonely there in their large bedroom? The thought made Georgina feel sick.

Nauseous and in pain, her days seemed to stretch on forever. But eventually the pain of the surgeries lessened. The bandages came off, the stitches healed. Georgina stood at the full length mirror, gazing at herself in awe and wonder. “Amazing!” she said, right into Tshidi’s mic while Jacques zoomed in with his camera to catch the astonishment in her eyes.

Georgina couldn’t believe her wonderful new body shape.With a body like this, she would not be hiding in corners at parties. No way! She’d be the first one out there on the dance floor.

Yes, and all the other women would be watching her in utter envy, while all the men gazed at her in lust and longing! And Senzo? Would he be happy? He always said he loved her just the way she was. But surely he would be proud to be beside her now? Surely he’d enjoy knowing that every other man in the place wanted his girl? The dental work came last.

Georgina sat in the brightly-coloured chair in the brightly-lit room with its awful dental smell. If there was one single moment she had dreaded, it was this one. From when she was a little girl, Georgina had always been terrified of the dentist. Even now she could feel her heart thudding inside her chest. She was afraid she would throw up, right there in front of the camera, and Tshidi’s fluffy mic.

“Don’t worry, dear,” said the dentist. He seemed very young to be a fully-qualified dentist. Very young and far too handsome! “Don’t worry, Georgina. You won’t feel a thing.” He was right. The next moment, Georgina was unconscious, carried away into a peaceful sleep by a powerful anaesthetic. After the procedure was done, it was another story. The pain was overwhelming.

It felt as though giant warriors were stabbing assegais into her mouth. Day and night without end! She was in agony. But in the end, it was worth all the pain.

Georgina smiled into the mirror and saw how beautiful her teeth were: straight and white as pearls. She smiled until her cheeks ached. And still she went on smiling.

Senzo will be so happy, she thought. He often said she should smile more. “I love you, I want to see you happy, my angel.”

That’s what he always said.

To be continued... 

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