The makeover (Part 4/4)

By Drum Digital
03 October 2014

Georgina wanted to be beautiful - no matter what.

At long last, the day of the Big Reveal arrived. Nandi and Jacques and Tshidi were all fussing around her as she got dressed in a long silver gown that showed her lovely new figure.

The make-up artist was putting the finishing touches to her eye shadow. The hairdresser was lovingly putting the finishing touches to her hairstyle. “So? What do you think Senzo will say?” asked Nandi. Georgina smiled, showing her perfect teeth. She said intoTshidi’s mic, “I don’t think he’ll be able to say a word. I think he’ll be blown away by the new me. Maybe he’ll cry.

In fact, right now I feel like crying too. With happiness, of course!” Together with the producer, the cameraman and the soundman, Georgina walked down the long passage towards the room where all her friends and family were waiting. Nandi pulled back the curtain. In her silver dress, Georgina stepped out in front of them all.

She could hear their gasps of amazement as she entered and they saw her. “Oh my baby! Oh my little girl,” Georgina’s mother was sobbing. “Can this truly be?You are

a princess!” And yes, there was Senzo, right in front. He said nothing. He just held out his arms to her, as wide as they would go.There was a dazed smile on his face. He was shaking his head in disbelief. Jacques the cameraman zoomed in for a close-up of the boyfriend. “My angel!” Senzo managed to whisper at last. “Oh my angel, I have missed you so much!

Every day was like a lifetime!”Tshidi the soundman managed to pick it all up on his mic. But Georgina did not run into Senzo’s arms immediately. No. Instead, she stared at him from a distance, as if she were seeing him for the very first time. What an ugly little man he is, she thought.

Heis far too chubby. Far too short.Why, I’m sure he is shorter than me.There was acne pockmarked on his cheeks. His mouth had a loose, sagging look to it. And his eyes were narrow slits.

Piggy eyes, really. How come she had never noticed that before? “One final change,” Georgina whispered to herself. “Yes, there is just one last thing I need to change before I can really be the new me! I have to dump this unattractive loser. How embarrassing it would be to be seen with him.

No, I need to find myself a real good-looking boyfriend.”

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