The many faces of Mandisa Nduna

By Qhama Dayile
17 February 2017

“My sexuality and my image have nothing to do with my work and my art."

She once acted in the role of Portia, a controlling wife on the South African film, Between Friends. In real life, Mandisa Nduna (26) is the complete opposite. The cool, calm actress sports tattoos, wears oversized clothes and walks with a bounce.

“People have called me a tomboy but I call myself versatile because I am able to portray any character I wish to be,” Mandisa says.

After getting her Drama and Performance Degree from the University of KwaZulu Natal, she worked her way up the acting ladder.

“It has not been easy. I still struggle with some casting directors who give me hard time when it comes to my image, but because I am trained and a professional, I always go prepared,” she says.

“My sexuality and my image have nothing to do with my work and my art. As much as I am tomboyish, when I go for auditions; I wear heels, put on a wig and give my best performance,” she adds. In one of her Instagram photographs, Mandisa poses nude with a fellow actress and so-called friend Thishiwe Ziqubu. “Thishiwe and I are very comfortable with our bodies and each others bodies and that picture portrays just that,” Mandisa adds. Mandisa currently stars on The Hustle on every Mondays at 9 PM.

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