The Midnight Rose

By Drum Digital
19 November 2013

Book review: The Midnight Rose

This epic saga is just a beautiful story that will get you hooked very quickly.

The book is about two remarkable women, Rebecca and Anahita who are worlds apart but connected.

The book tells of two love stories spanning the years from 1920s India to modern-day England but it’s the vivid descriptions, the colour and detail that so easily transport you to both worlds.

Rebecca, a shy but talented American actress is shooting a period drama at the magnificent English country manor, Astbury Hall.

While she’s there she befriends the eccentric Lord Anthony Astbury who runs the house and ends up living at the location while filming.

She then finds a manuscript by a younger Anahita who tells of her passionate love affair with then heir to the estate Lord Donald Astbury.

Anahita’s journey is a fascinating one - she starts out with a happy family in India, but her life changes when she befriends a young, Indian princess.

Anahita’s story is told in flashbacks, as she’s now an old woman.

The characters are well developed and realistically flawed so they’re easy to identify with and it just sucks you in.

This is storytelling like it should be. – CLAUDIA PILLAY

The Midnight Rose

By Lucinda Riley

Pan McMillan



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