The office diva (2/7)

By Drum Digital
09 June 2015

Lerato was always late for everything – now her new job was on the line.

You’ve been a liability from day one . . .” She remembered her thick file of warning letters for coming to work late. She’d got one on her first day of work, too.

Her mornings had always been stressful as she constantly misplaced her car keys. Andrew’s effort to help by placing a key hook at the back of the front door had not made any difference. “You seem to like doing things at the last minute,” kind Andrew had suggested. “I think that’s one reason why you’re never on time.”

At first Lerato had not agreed with her husband but after a lot of self-examination, she had to admit that he was right. She did leave things to the last minute, especially things that she didn’t like doing. For years she’d battled procrastination. In fact, she suspected that she’d inherited the habit from her mother. Lerato remembered how her father had grudgingly started doing his own laundry because her mother would say: “I’ll wash everything when I get time,” until there was a Mount Everest of unwashed clothes.

In fact, the family would wear almost everything until their wardrobes were empty.

To be continued...

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