The office diva (4/7)

By Drum Digital
11 June 2015

Lerato was always late for everything – now her new job was on the line.

We’re always on time, so why is she always late?” “If this were my company I’d fire her,” Susan said. “Mr Mthethwa is feeding her problem by allowing this to go on. It’s not fair on us.” Fungai said, “The rule should be – if you’re late don’t bother to come to work that day. Try again tomorrow. And no pay for no work!” Sbu added, “She needs a rude awakening to show her how annoying her late-coming is.”

Lindiwe had stood there frozen. Her seemingly friendly co-workers were cutting her to pieces. She had braved a smile and a “Good morning, sorry I’m late”. But the three other women avoided her gaze when they realised she’d overheard all their comments about her.

Lerato had felt hurt on her last day at work – because they’d given her an alarm clock as a gift. Now, months later, as she splashed soapy water on one of the cereal bowls Lerato knew she had sabotaged her own career.

It wasn’t as if she hadn’t tried very hard to be on time for work.

To be continued...

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