The office diva (5/7)

By Drum Digital
12 June 2015

Lerato was always late for everything – now her new job was on the line.

On many occasions she’d woken up at 5 am but had still got to work late. And Mr Mthethwa’s company premises were located less than 10 minutes drive from Lerato’s home! Her daughter’s words, from the previous day, rang in Lerato’s mind. “Mom, sometimes I feel like you don’t put in more effort to be early – because you just don’t care about me!” Her daughter had gone into near-hysterics because Lerato had been late in dropping her off at a First Aid course for teens. “Because you make me late for everything, everyone calls me ‘Late Minnie’. If you loved me you’d be more organised.”

Those words hurt. Lerato never meant to appear uncaring or inconsiderate. In fact, she desperately wanted to be the efficient, always-on-time-mother. If only she didn’t regularly misplace her car keys and cellphone, or consistently over-schedule activities. It baffled her when tasks took longer than anticipated to complete.

Stopping the negative thinking in its tracks, Lerato decided to grab the opportunity for a fresh start. She knew she would have to learn self-control and become focused.

To be continued...

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