The office diva (6/7)

By Drum Digital
12 June 2015

Lerato was always late for everything – now her new job was on the line.

From that day onwards she would keep a diary of how she spent her time. With a husband like Andrew she knew she had the all the support she needed. She read the e-mail again and checked the location on Google Earth. Then she decided to open the rest of her unread e-mails. There was a lot of exciting news from family and friends. On impulse, she decided to check out some of the celebrities’ Twitter feeds and followed one exciting link after another.

As she browsed her Facebook page she noticed the time. One in the afternoon! An hour before the interview! She panicked because she’d forgotten to set her alarm. Five minutes later, out of the shower, she tried on 10 different dresses until she chose one.

She felt a rush of adrenaline as she hunted for her handbag, make-up kit and various documents in the cluttered room. The more she imagined Andrew’s disappointed face, the more anxious she felt. She could not afford to be late for this interview.

To be continued...

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