The office diva (7/7)

By Drum Digital
12 June 2015

Lerato was always late for everything – now her new job was on the line.

After losing her last job their family finances had taken a nosedive. She borrowed Andrew’s comfortable bedroom slippers to drive in, grabbed a pair of formal black shoes and dashed outside to the car. She’d wear the heels later.

Five minutes before the interview, she arrived at her prospective employer’s premises. She reached for the formal shoes on the passenger seat, next to Minnie’s First Aid kit. Lerato burst into tears. In her hands she held two left shoes. She was not going to attend an interview with two shoes of the same foot and of different heights. Andrew’s slippers were a non-starter, but there was definitely no time to go home . . .

A few minutes later, composed and in control, a limping Lerato smiled as she greeted the two interviewers. They noticed the formal shoe on her left foot and the bandaged right ankle of the foot in the bedroom slipper.

With a little bit of ingenuity, for the very first time, Lerato had pulled off a punctual arrival. From then on, her life could only get better.

The End.

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