The people are angry- Penny Penny

By Drum Digital
12 July 2017

Penny Penny says he is doing it for the people in Giyani

Music star and reality star Penny Penny is in the news again, and this time it's because he is involved in a tiff with a chief in Giyani, Limpopo. The two are apparently beefing because the chief has let Penny Penny down over an initiative they had agreed to do to provide free borehole water to the community of Giyani in Limpopo.

Penny Penny is a councilor of the area and he says the initiative was because he cares for the people in his council.

"I am a great councillor that has been working hard to provide resources to my people. He has demanded R1 million from me for me to do my job. The people are angry," Penny Penny explained to TshisaLive.

Chief Nkuri, on the other hand says Penny Penny didn't follow protocol, that is why the initiative has not happened. Chief Nkuri also denies that he demanded R1 million.

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