The perfect wig

By Drum Digital
21 November 2013

Make it your own!

1. Get human hair.  Human hair wigs have the most swing and bounce and can be washed and  heat-styled just like your old hair. They’ll last several years—but they can  cost several thousand dollars. Today’s synthetic hair wigs are almost as  authentic-looking, require less maintenance. If you’re  wearing one every day, it will last three to six months.

2. Don't deviate too much.  Think about  how you usually wear your hair. If you like to pull it back, your wig’s cap  should have lace at the crown for a natural-looking hairline.

3. Get it cut. Always  have your wig cut once it’s on your head—even if you love the style. All wigs  have too much hair (especially at the temples) and need to be cut back to fit  your individual face shape. (If you have a synthetic hair wig, be sure the  stylist who cuts or trims it knows how to cut synthetic hair; special shears  must be used.)

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