The plagiariser

By Drum Digital
23 March 2014

How to deal with a boss that takes credit for your work.

This boss claims credit for others’ work or ideas.

How to deal with them

You shouldn’t get too worked up about a manager claiming some of the credit, Matlala says.

“Whether you like it or not they did

play some role in getting the team to produce the work. Think of your work

as part of the bigger plan to benefit the business and don’t get possessive over what you produce,” she says.

Still, a manager shouldn’t take all the credit, all the time. If it gets out of hand talk to them about it, Holburn says. “You don’t have to attack the plagiariser. Just comment on how you came up with the idea and the work you did on it so the rest of the company knows it was your idea and your work.

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