The power of teamwork

By Drum Digital
31 October 2011

They may not be married but Bheki Boyce (31) and his partner Zukiswa Bakana (38) have stuck with each other for richer and poorer.

When the Pretoria-based couple decided to go into business together, they never in their wildest dreams imagined that part of the sacrifice would include not having enough cash to buy their baby nappies or milk.

In fact, during the time they were trying to stabilise their business, Zuki’s bank eventually reported her car stolen after she defaulted on several payments, and at one stage they owed their creditors over R200 000.

Now the determined duo run a successful company that specialises in sanitary bin waste removal, hand sanitisers, paper towels, fresheners and pest control, among other things.

“My motivation in business is to make money,” explains Zuki. “But I also like what I do. I always thought I could never work for myself because I wasn’t disciplined enough. But now that I’m here, I don’t think I can go back to a ‘yes-boss, no-boss situation’.”

Bheki is in charge of admin and service, while Zuki does sales and marketing. They share with us how they turned their company, Total Healthcare Services, into a profitable business that now employs 30 people.

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