The reason Phumeza left Generations

By Drum Digital
05 October 2014

Nothing is staged on Our Perfect Wedding says Phumeza.

Today is the season finale of popular Mzansi Magic show Our Perfect Wedding and the current host Phumeza Mdabe says she will not be returning to the show for another season. "I am leaving because I have had enough, I love the show but it was affecting the time I spent with my husband and sons. I have a 17 month year old boy plus also two children from my husband's previous relationship," the actress and television personality told Phat Joe and Pearl Thusi during their saturday morning show on Metro FM.

Phumeza also revealed the reason why she 'left' Generations, where she played Choppa's friend and love interest Sandra Jacobs. "I was written out of the show because I didn't want to do kissing scenes. I have certain standards when it comes to what I will and wont do on TV. The producers of the show didn't like that so they let me go."

On the issue of the 16 fired actors Phumeza said she understood where they were coming from and she believes after their actions the industry will never be the same. She however maintained that at the end of the day the whole issue isn't something she can fully comment on or take sides as she wasn't part of it.

She said in the 6 months she did 26 episodes of Our Perfect Wedding she had a great time and assured the viewers that nothing on the show is staged. "A lot of people at times wonder if the whole show and how it takes shape it staged but we fake nothing. We merely report on what will be happening. We also don't give the people our opinions because this is their big day, we were invited to just be part of it not to make it about us," Phumeza added.

She also revealed that she is working on a clothing range for children but has not set time frames or dates for the clothes. "I am taking it easy doing the business step by step and soon I may have stuff out."

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