The Rosettenville kid confesses (2/5)

By Drum Digital
21 April 2015

His guilt and greed had brought him here, but was he ready for a new beginning?

“This man, who everybody called Bossman, operated out of his house in Jabulani where he ran a scrapyard. He was like a giant spider with his web of drugs spread all over the neighbourhood. He said if I helped Floyd to keep his customers happy and find more customers there would be a little something in it for me too.” I paused, not that the Father had said anything. I was thinking, “Was it as simple as that? A straightforward business transaction?” No, it went beyond that little something. I was ready to be swayed, to be tempted . . .

“I was greedy, Father. I was filled with envy for all the expensive stuff that I could never afford. Looking at Floyd and how he did it, pushing drugs seemed an easy way to make real money. And the girls – Floyd didn’t even have to bend a finger and the girls were all over him.

“So I helped Floyd, hoping it was just a matter of time before I made my way to higher levels of dealing. I hid powder in my schoolbag to smuggle it past the school gate, kept lookout for Floyd while he was doing his deals on the streets and I spotted new customers for him.”

I paused again. It hadn’t been as easy-going as I made it sound. There was always the competition, the turf struggles, the threat of a knife in your back. But I was tiptoeing around the real problem, the shadow that hung over me all along. There had been Mother, poor Mother, who to this day didn’t have a clue what had happened to me.

“Father, I betrayed my mother. She loved me and looked after me as best as she could on a call centre employee’s salary, and she had high expectations for me. Yes, I was a good student before I started cutting classes and bunking school altogether.

To be continued...

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