The Rosettenville kid confesses (3/5)

By Drum Digital
22 April 2015

His guilt and greed had brought him here, but was he ready for a new beginning?

“I was one of the few guys in class who did alright in science and maths, and at one time I had visions of studying engineering. Mother even joined a stokvel to make sure she had the funds for my university courses when the time came. “Yet with my greed and visions of easy money, I lied to her and pretended everything was going well at school. I don’t know how the year would have ended when it got to the final exams and report. I never got that far in Grade 11.”

I broke off, sharply remembering that day in early summer when my world came apart. I shifted uncomfortably on my knees. “One day, Floyd didn’t show up. Not at our usual hang-out on the street corner, not at school, not at home. Even his smartphone was dead.

Two days later Bossman sent for me. He told me Floyd had tried to double-cross him. Floyd had tried to hook up with another dealer and take his customers with him. Nobody – but nobody – crosses him and gets away with it, Bossman had said. He had a reputation for defending his business activities with brutal force, no excuses. There were always henchmen hanging around him, doing his bidding.

When I heard Bossman’s words I knew Floyd would never come back. I went even colder with fear when Bossman spoke again. “You’re going to take over from Floyd. I’ve prepared a nice parcel for you to sell. You’re not going to disappoint me, are you?” “No, Nkosi.” But even as I said that, I already knew I had to get out of the game. I had to disappear from the streets of Orlando, disappear from Soweto and find new streets where no one knew me.

“And I couldn’t tell Mother a single thing.

To be continued...

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