The Rosettenville kid confesses (5/5)

By Drum Digital
24 April 2015

His guilt and greed had brought him here, but was he ready for a new beginning?

The penance wasn’t that bad. I’d seen the altar boys before at times when I sat in the pews for Sunday mass. Other than for the long dressthing tied with a sash that they wore, they looked quite cool scurrying up and down the church and about the altar, doing their heavenly duties.

Filled with these airy thoughts, I was shocked to look into the eyes of Black Sam Odingwa as I stepped into the passageway outside the confessional cubicle. He was sitting under the picture of Sacred Heart Mother, waiting for his turn with the Father. Next to Bossman, I feared him the most on account of having botched a small business transaction of a shady nature on his behalf in Rosettenville. I must say he kept his composure rather well.He remained seated, though his large gorilla eyes – pitch black and the whites tinged with red – rotated as he followed my nimble-footed passage past him within grabbing distance of his mighty arms.

The Good Lord might have forgiven my sins but I wasn’t going to stretch my luck with anybody else. Besides, the Lord hadn’t forgiven Odingwa yet, so he was free to carry on in his wicked ways. I was running by the time I hit the street. Little girls were playing hopscotch in front of the church. Their voices fell as I burst through the gate. “There goes the devil!” one little girl shouted.

They all ran together in a huddle and giggled loudly while looking at me over their shoulders.

“God chased him away!”

I suppose your sins are written on your face eventually. I couldn’t wait to start my penance and wipe my face clean.

The end...

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