The saran wrap

By Drum Digital
20 November 2014

Using cling film to achieve the same results as a flat iron? It's apparently a great method, without the heat damage.

This method is said to give the same results as a flat iron would, without the heat damage.

Worth a try, right?

Here’s how to do a saran/silk wrap:

• Start on dry, roller set hair.

• Take a small amount of your moisturiser (preferably something light) and rub onto your hands. Apply to your hair concentrating on the ends and use a comb to smooth through your strands.

• Brush your hair into a smooth wrap trying not to use any pins as they will create creases.  Follow with a light application of oil sheen spray.

• Apply the cling film over the hair quite firmly,  ensuring you cover the top of your head as well.

• Sit under a moderate to hot hooded dryer for 10-20 minutes

• Remove and comb out the wrap.


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