The search continues for Senzo's killers

By Drum Digital
29 October 2014

Police officers operating in Vosloorus are hell bent on arresting anyone who might prove to be a suspect in the crime.

The scene at Mvezo extension 11 on Kutlwanong street in Vosloorus is dry and desolate.

The weather is a scorching hot 26`C Celsius and the sun seems to be beating furiously at anyone who dares pass by.

On this street, the home of Ntombi Khumalo has been a hub of media frenzy and spectators following the murder of soccer player Senzo Meyiwa on Sunday night.

Meyiwa was shot and killed while while visiting  Ntombi accompanied by her daughter who was also his girlfriend - popular musician Kelly Khumalo.

But today the street is uncharacteristically quiet. A few journalists hover around the house desperately looking for a sign of life inside.

Police officers who are on stakeout outside the house encourage them to knock on the kitchen door to see from themselves that the house has been deserted.

A few passers by strain their necks to see what's happening inside.

A man in a pair of jeans and faded blue shirt walks around knocking at car doors and beckoning journalists to let him wash their cars. Oddly,  he does not carry a bucket of water or washing sponge. Police officers become suspicious of him when he walks casually into the yard of the Khumalo home.

As quickly as he strolls in, he walks out leaving police officers gaping at him.

The group of metro police stationed at the house switch on their car and follow him down the road. Minutes later they return with the man and wait for another patrol car.

When the car arrives a man only known as a friend of Senzo Meyiwa's is asked to identify him.  When he summoned to the house he identifies that the police have caught the wrong man.

A report by The Times newspaper revealed Meyiwa's friend is said to have received money from the soccer player,  to visit him from KZN. He was one of 7 people who were in the house when he was murdered.

Police officers operating in Vosloorus seem to be hell bent on arresting anyone who might prove to be a suspect in the crime.

While it might be a quiet and lazy day on Kutlwanong street,  these officers will not be resting on their laurels.

Senzo Meyiwa will be buried on Saturday the funeral will be held at Moses Mabhida stadium in KZN.

In the meantime,  South Africans who have been mourning the death of the player continue to wait for police investigation to make a speedy arrest and see criminals put behind bars.

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