The secretary (Part 1)

By Drum Digital
19 October 2016

“There's no such thing as a perfect man.”

By Pamela Muyoba

Tumelo hardly saw her husband...

Tumelo was once a young model with a promising career. She gave it up and married the man of her dreams, but 10 years later she was an unhappy woman. At first, being a housewife was great.

She gave birth and her baby kept her busy. But all too soon her little girl started growing up and went to boarding school – and things began to change.

Her husband, Simon Mutonga, was a lawyer, the owner of his own well-known and respected firm with two other partners. Tumelo knew that he was a hard worker but she suspected that there was more to it than just work. He was hardly at home and whenever Tumelo asked for an explanation, he got defensive and reminded her he was paying the bills.

"Do you think all the luxuries we enjoy fall from the sky? I have to work hard and that's why I'm hardly ever at home."

Tumelo was desperate, and went to her mother for advice. She said, "Tell me, mama – how did you manage to stay with Dad all these years? Because I'm sure he wasn't that innocent."

Her mother chuckled and said, "You're right! There were times when your father cheated on me. In fact, there was a time when he even asked me for a separation."

Tumelo was shocked. "What? Why, what happened? I mean, you're still together …”

“When he asked me for a separation, he had no idea that I was pregnant with your brother. At the time, you were only two years old. He moved out and went to live with his mistress but it turned out that she was only after his money. One day he caught her with another man. He came back, begging for forgiveness and I took him back.”

Tumelo rolled her eyes. “But he turned his back on us, so how could you forgive him just like that? It's outrageous! What if he hadn't caught his mistress in the act? Obviously, he'd never have left her.”

“Exactly, and that's why I stepped in and opened his eyes before it was too late. I was the one who anonymously tipped him off about his mistress's affair.” The old woman smiled.

Tumelo gasped. “You never cease to amaze me, Mama. I just don't how you do it, you always know how to handle any situation."

“It's all about survival, my child. You shouldn't let any man step on you and that's why you must be always be one step ahead. Listen – we don't know for sure if Simon is cheating on you. I'll send someone to investigate and then we'll take it from there.”

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