The Secretary (Part 2)

By Drum Digital
20 October 2016

Tumelo didn't want to believe that her husband was having an affair but there were plenty of reasons for him to do so.

By Pamela Muyoba

She was no longer the sexy model that she used to be, and she'd put on weight.

A few days later, Mama Gwala came to brief her daughter, and said, “Your suspicions were correct. Simon has been cheating on you with his secretary.”

Tumelo nodded. She said, “I used to call his office to check if he was really working late and he used to answer the telephone, which reassured me that he wasn't cheating. But all along he's been cheating on me with his secretary! For heaven's sake, Doris is a churchwoman – and she's married!”

“When last did you go to your husband's firm?”

“I haven’t been for ages… he doesn't like me going there. Why do you ask?"

"You haven't heard the best part yet. Five years ago, Sis Doris was his secretary for three months – then he fired her and replaced her with a young woman. It turns out that your husband changes secretaries like he changes clothes. He hires a woman, gets involved with her, then fires her."

Suddenly it was all too much for Tumelo, and she started to sob. “I suppose there's nothing left but to file for divorce! I've been humiliated enough!"

But her mother wasn't feeling sorry for her. She said, “No – you are not filling for divorce."

“Why not, Mama? I thought you were on my side. I'm the victim here. It's my life and I say divorce is the best solution."

“For now, maybe. But what about later on? The next man you will meet will have his own bad habits, and then what? Will you also divorce him? There's no such thing as a perfect man."

"What do you suggest I do? Because I won't be disrespected like this!"

"You have to take charge of your life. Your husband is like an irresponsible child and you have to lead him the right way."

"But how?"

Mama Gwala handed Tumelo a gym membership card and a college brochure.

"Mama, what are these for?"

“Remedies for a sickly marriage," said her mother.

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